If you were to stop by our home on any given weeknight, you’d find us jumping on the trampoline, playing hide-and-seek upstairs, or acting out another superhero adventure. Mixed in with this are little things — words, eye contact, and body language — that build connection and trust in our home.

I’m a foster care + adoption social worker at a local agency, and more importantly, a mama to three boys via domestic and international adoption. I have more than five years of DSC_0973experience working with adoptive parents. I graduated from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis with a Master’s of Social Work and a specialization in children, youth, and families. It was there that my passion for equipping adoptive families was realized. Since that time, I’ve been trained in Theraplay® with a focus in attachment-based therapeutic parenting for adoptive children. In addition to this, I’m especially experienced with the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® and other methods pioneered by Karyn Purvis. I’ve seen these methods yield huge growth in my relationship with my sons. I love pursuing ongoing education via trainings, conferences and retreats to learn more for my personal and professional betterment. My other personal interests include reading, blogging, photography, traveling, and participating in a church community.

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