“One of the biggest gifts Natalie gave us was her understanding of the foster care system. We have had so much trouble communicating with caseworkers and Natalie provided insight and advice we had been trying to find for months. She was a breath of fresh air in a trying situation. Even if she couldn’t give us every specific answer, Natalie helped us problem solve, think through available options, and what might be the best next steps for our family. Natalie’s professional and personal experience uniquely positioned her to understand what we were going through and provide insightful coaching – it was a gift to talk with her!” — parent

“[The support session] helped me to feel like I wasn’t doing as bad at this whole thing as I thought I was. It gave me some more confidence in where we were headed as a family and as a mom to this little boy dealing with so much trauma and change. It gave me some new perspective and ways to view things, helping me to stay calm and look at things differently.” — adoptive parent